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Laser Clay Shooting System

  • Realistic shooting experience

  • Digital score keeping for up to 4 teams

  • Light-up flying targets will allow you to continue playing after dusk

  • Compact and portable equipment, easy to transport and quick to set up

  • Can be run by a single game operator

  • Great return on investment for mobile event organisers

Price: £16,995

The price includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Delivery charges will be added, depending on the buyer's location.


The SLR laser clay shooting system is the most advanced clay pigeon shooting game on the market.

Using electronic technology, SLR Games has created a digitally enhanced laser shooting simulator, which is fun to play and easy to deploy at mobile events.


Main Components of SLR Games' Laser Clay Shooting System

  • 5 realistic replica 2-trigger shotguns

  • 1 Tablet (10” size) with the app for managing the laser clay shooting system

  • 1 radio receiver (plugs into the tablet and connects the guns with the app)

  • 50 flying targets, also known as clays

  • 1 remote controlled trap for launching the clays

  • 24” monitor for displaying the scoreboard to the players

  • Speaker for broadcasting game signals:
    firing window opening signal, hit and missed shots.

  • Microphone - connect to the speaker to amplify the voice of the game operator

  • 2 Leisure batteries - one for powering the target thrower and one to power the large screen

  • Flight case - also acts as a stand for the guns, monitor and other components


Laser vs. Traditional Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser clay shooting simulators have clear advantages over traditional clay shooting:

1. Portability - Unlike traditional clay shooting equipment, laser clay simulators can be easily transported and set up at any location. This makes the latter easy to deploy at mobile events of all kinds: company fun days and team building, parties, weddings, country fairs etc.


2. Safety - As no firearms are involved, laser clay shooting is much safer than its traditional counterpart. So you will not need to go through a convoluted approval process before you start to operate a laser shooting game.

Having realistic replica guns instead of real firearms also means that you will not need to prohibit players from consuming alcohol before handling the guns. Provided that basic safety instructions are followed, there is no risk of injury to the players.

9 Reasons to Choose the SLR Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Game

Realistic shooting experience

The SLR laser clay shooting game includes 5 realistic replicas of a 2-trigger shotgun. The speaker broadcasts realistic sound effects, letting the players know when they have hit the targets.

Wide audience

With 4 different games to choose from and adjustable difficulty levels, the SLR's laser clay shooting simulator is suitable for all levels of ability, from beginners to experienced shooters.


The full kit can be loaded into an estate car or small van. The packed game consists of a 155 x 70 x 75 cm flight case plus the clay trap (approx. 60 x 60 x 30 cm).

Digitally controlled

With a remote controlled clay launcher and all the functions of the game packed into one app, a single game operator can run the entire shooting activity, making your events more cost effective.

Safe to play

The guns do not shoot bullets and are safe to use even by children. The game can also be played at parties where the guests are allowed to consume alcohol.

Digital scorekeeping 

The game is capable of keeping the score for up to 4 alternating teams (up to 5 players in each team), for an unlimited number of rounds.

Quick and easy set up

Turnkey system that can be set up in less than 5 minutes.  Place the clay launcher, open the flight case and you are ready to play! The equipment is self powered - no need for any extension cables.

Easy to operate

The user friendly app interface makes light work of running your shooting events.  The score keeping and player ranking are fully automated. There is even a score adjusting function to prevent cheating.

Carry on playing after dusk

The light-up clays are clearly visible in the dark, so you can schedule shooting events in the evening, as well as in daylight.


What Will Be Your Return on Investment?

As the game has a wide appeal, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to take it to corporate events, private functions, weddings, fair grounds etc.

Operating the SLR laser clay shooting system has next to no overheads. Recharging the guns and leisure batteries before events is all you need to do to keep the system going.

Charge-per-event business model

Cater for half-day events effortlessly, with the SLR battery system, which will hold its power for several hours.

The SLR laser clay shooting system will pay for itself after you've hired it out 25 times. 

Charge-per-player business model

Here is a possible earning model: £5 for 5 minutes per person x 5 guns, will give you £25 in 5 minutes.

On a fairground with good footfall, you can make between £200 and £300 per hour.

Would you like to find out more? Send us your details through the form below and we'll be in touch.

If you're thinking of buying a laser clay shooting system, please note that SLR Games will need to establish your eligibility for purchasing realistic imitation firearms. Please go to the How to Buy a Laser Clay Shooting System page for details.

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